The Alliance #ConEllas launches campaign “Let’s keep taking care of ourselves” to provide biosafety kits to Venezuelan women

The arrival of the COVID 19 pandemic supposes an additional expense for the Venezuelan population already badly hit amid the greatest humanitarian emergency in the country. The differentiated impact of the emergency on Venezuelan women is a sufficiently documented and irrefutable fact.

With the aim of helping to alleviate the economic effects of the purchase of masks, soap and alcoholic gel for the protection of the pandemic for the diversity of Venezuelan women, many of whom have lost their jobs and carry the entire family burden, we have launched the campaign to provide 250 women with biosecurity kits.

The campaign will begin on April 1 and will end on May 6. The goal is to raise $ 2000 to provide 250 women with biosafety kits, which include masks, soap and alcoholic gel.

The way to collaborate is through the GoFundMe platform.

Via direct deposit or transfer at Wells Fargo. Account number 1264818780 Action for Solidarity, Inc. Direct deposit  063107513 wire transfer 12100248

Why support Venezuelan women?

In the most recent evaluation of the Venezuelan State on the compliance with the norms of the Convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women, on the occasion of the presentation of the 7th and 8th reports by the State, the CEDAW expressed the following:

“The Committee regrets the lack of effective measures aimed at combating discrimination and violence faced by disadvantaged groups of women, such as indigenous and Afro-descendant women, migrant women, older women and women with disabilities, as well as lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex women and other women who face multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination ”.

The complex humanitarian emergency since 2015 has aggravated the situation of gender-based discrimination against women in all their diversities, and the COVID 19 pandemic in 2020 has further worsened the entire situation of women in the country. Economic, social and cultural rights that include health care, employment, education, economic well-being, food security, personal security and violence have been seriously compromised, thus affecting the right to a life with dignity for all Venezuelan women.


The #ConEllas alliance

The #ConEllas platform is made up of six civil society organizations, these are Cepaz, Acción Solidaria, Prepara Familia, Unión Afirmativa, Funcamama located in Valencia and Uniandes with a presence in Mérida and Táchira).

These six organizations work to empower and support community-based women, with chronic health conditions such as cancer and HIV, lesbian, bisexual and transgender women, women caregivers at the JM de los Ríos Hospital, and women in situations of human mobility (migrants, displaced, returnees and pendular migration).

The Alliance seeks to make visible the differentiated impact that the Complex Humanitarian Emergency in Venezuela is causing on girls, adolescents and women, as well as to strengthen the humanitarian programs that they carry out.


With just a $ 20 donation that each person makes, they will receive an invitation to an online fundraising event “De ellas para #ConEllas” that will feature musical performances, stand-up comedies, poetry readings and messages from special guests, which will take place on Friday, April 23 at 7 pm.